Thursday, June 18, 2009

Picts of the kiddos

Hey everyone,

My sister has a new roommate named Laura who is an INCREDIBLE photographer! She took some wonderful pictures of the kids this week while I went to have an ultrasound. I'll include a link to the photo album of the kids and then I'll add her blog info so all of you can contact her to do your photos. She does incredible photos of weddings, kids, musicians, still life's, you name it. Just moved to Nashville from Chicago and is making a splash in town.
Thanks for looking,
Beth (just click on Max, Zoe and Tia and you can look through all the photos)


Christin said...

Beth, those pictures of your kids are GORGEOUS! Of course, it helps that you have beautiful kids!

Christin Doepke

kuecks said...

Beth, they're gorgeous!

Love you.

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