Monday, June 1, 2009

Eli update #3

Hey all,

Well we are officially in the Vanderbilt system and set up with our new OB practice. Todd and I went today and I had my 5th ultrasound and my first OB consult appointment.

The ultrasound was pretty routine and nothing has changed much with his heart "anomaly". That's what the midwife/nurse has called Eli's heart problem. No specific medical term just yet but we'll be seeing another specialist this week to talk about what kind of surgery can be done. I can't even remember the name for kind of specialist we're going to be seeing but it starts with a P.

Todd and I were very pleased with all the nurses and feel very hopeful. The midwife explained more to us about the delivery and what could happen. It looks like once Eli is born there will be several docs in the delivery room and that's when the real detailed assessments can be made on how to fix his heart.

We are going to be getting ultrasounds every two weeks for now to watch his growth and monitor that. I guess with babies with heart conditions there is sometimes problems with development. BUT Eli looks, according the the ultrasound tech, to be completely normal weight and everything else for his age. So praise the Lord for that!

Also we were able to get some 3D picts of Eli that are just soooo sweet. I'll try to scan them in and post soon.

So thanks to all for the continued prayer and support! We need it and Eli needs it...
lots of love,

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