Friday, May 1, 2009

Eli Harris Robinson's heart update

Hey everyone,

Here is the update on little Eli Robinson 25 weeks old now and weighing in at 1 lb 6oz.

Here are the highlights

He is still at risk due to a growth they found inside the left side of his heart.
This growth seems to be hindering the function of a valve (mitrol?) which is causing the left ventricle to not function.
The left ventricle is not working at all.
No infection so I will not need to go on meds.
We will deliver at Vanderbilt and have a new OB and some different cardiologists on hand when Eli is born to assess the situation.
Eli will most likely need surgery when he is born but we still need to get some info from another specialist.

Todd and I are hopeful and are very glad to have a cause for the left ventricle not working and Lord willing a solution. This is going to be a complicated pregnancy and we'll be going to lots of appointments.

So thanks to all of you guys for the prayers and thoughts we need them!!!

We'll keep ya posted on all the happenings.

lots of love,
Beth and Todd

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